Crossover Toolboxes

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A durable truck tool box is what you and every proud truck owner needs to securely store all of your valuables from your tools to your toys to safeguard them from the weather and theft. ZDOGTM crossover truck tool boxes were designed with you and your lifestyle in mind with impressive craftsmanship and style.

ZDOG Guarantee: Forged in QualityTM Crossover Truck Tool Boxes

ZDOG Forged in Quality craftsmanship goes into every truck tool box we manufacture. We know how important it is to have a truck tool box that will withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it, so that’s why we use industrial grade, corrosion resistant aluminum, weather resistant foam stripping and piano hinges in our truck tool boxes.

Get the ZDOG Crossover Truck Tool Box You Need: Measure Carefully

In order to get the ZDOG crossover truck tool box that will fit your truck like a glove, it’s important that you measure your specific truck before placing an order rather than rely on the dimensions we have listed for specific truck makes, models and years throughout this site. Every truck is different, and we want to ensure you get the best fit for your specific truck because different alterations such as insert liners, might change your specific measurements from the manufacturer’s specs we have posted on our site. If you have any questions at all, please contact us before placing your order. We want to help you select the right tool box for your needs, so when it arrives you can immediately put it to work. Typically, these truck tool boxes will ship within 1-3 days from our US warehouse facility.